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Solid State Welder

Solid State Welder

Another NEW Solid State Welder Commissioning By K.S. Electromech Private Limited in Gujrat State.

We feel Proud to tell you all that we have Successfully Completed another Commissioning of New Solid State Welder in Gujrat State. A Quick look for the Features of the solid state welder are given below:

  • Available from 60 KW to 1200 KW power rating.
  • Highest level of reliability and efficiency. The efficiency of our solid state welder exceeds the efficiency offered by some of the previously known popular brands.
  • The unique transformer-less design and an integrated heat exchanger makes it highly energy efficient at 85% or even more.
  • The welders are designed to handle wide incoming voltage fluctuations and offer
    100% protection against coil arcing and short circuits. .
  • Easy maintenance and can be commissioned in a single day.
  • Economically priced and are offered at short delivery time.
  • Our solid state welders have been working to the utmost satisfaction of all our customers in various parts of the world.
  • Work Coils, Impeders and other spares/consumables can be sourced from us easily.

Solid state high frequency welding pipe equipment’s Solid state high frequency welding pipe equipment uses the common structure of frequency conversion such as AC-DC-AC. Three phase 380V power supply is sent to step down transformer before it passes through switch cabinet. The AC power supply is around 200V which has been dropped voltage to sent into the rectifier in rectifier cabinet, Rectifier use thress phase thyristor fully controlled bridge rectifier, through control thyristor breakover time delay angle a to achieve the purpose for adjustment output power size.

The rectified DC voltage is sent to the high frequency invertor before pass through the filter link. high frequency invertor to inverter producing single phase high frequency and being send to resonance circuit. Via the matching of load and the adjusting mechanism output high frequency energy to complete steel pipe welding. The comparison with vacuum tube high frequeny, the main diffrence between vaccume tube welder is it’s efficiency SSW efficiency is 85% as campair to vaccum tube welder which is 65% and SSW no oscillator valve i s used solid state welder save electricity consumption because off it’s 25% efficiency saving.

welding pipe power supply Vacuum tube high frequency welding pipe equipment has accumulated operation design experience for a long-term, The equipment quality and the operation stability have been accepted by the general welding pipe enterprises. Along with the promoted application of solid state welded pipe equipment, its strong advantage for highly effective energy conservation opened a new path for the intense welded pipe profession competition. The third generation solid state high frequency power supply has many fine performance, there is no doubt it has the competitive advantage compares our company earlier period the second generation solid state high frequency power supply.

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