The vacuum tube type high frequency induction welder got its name due to the use of vacuum tube technology in it. Basically vacuum tube is used for switching in the welder. Thermionic valves or vacuum tubes come in many forms including the diode, triode, tetrode, pentode, heptode and many more. These tubes have been manufactured from many years.  This basic technology finds applications in today’s electronics scene. It was the vacuum tube that first opened the way to what we know as electronics today, enabling first rectifiers and then active devices to be made and used.

Although vacuum tube technology may appear to be dated in the highly semiconductor orientated electronics industry, many thermionic valves or vacuum tubes are still used today in applications ranging from vintage wireless sets to high power radio transmitters.
With the support of our well trained workforce, we have been able to present an impeccable quality HF Vacuum Tube Welder. Made in compliance with industrial standards using sophisticated technology, our range is available in diverse specifications as desired by our clients. These HF welders are based on vacuum tube technology and widely used in diverse industries for welding and heating purpose.  Accredited for its excellent strength, impeccable performance and high strength, HF Vacuum Tube Welder is popular in the market.


Parts of the vacuum tube type high frequency induction welder are:

  1. Rectifier Section
  2. Oscillator Section
  3. Heat Exchanger
  4. Control Desk
  1. Rectifier Cabinet: – The rectifier cabinet converts the incoming AC power supply into variable DC power supply. The DC power is filtered by installing reactors and filter capacitors. Input Line reactor is installed to limit the current and sudden surges. Many types of protections are incorporated in the circuit for safety of the equipment and components Siemens PLC is used for control circuit logic and interfaced with a digital touch screen on operator control desk. The cabinet is made of high quality CRC Sheet duly fabricated as per dust proof design. The paint is high quality powder coated.
  2. Oscillator section:- Oscillator Section consists of Oscillator valve, Tank Capacitors, Oscillator Valve Filament Supply Transformer, Ceramic Capacitor, High Frequency anode Choke, Anti-Parasitic oscillation assembly and Grid Biasing resistor assembly. In oscillator valve industrial metal ceramic power oscillator triode valve cooled by the distilled water cooling system. Tank capacitors are used for the tank circuit. Oscillator valve filament supply transformer is a step down transformer which gives supply to the filament connections of the oscillator valve. Ceramic Capacitor is used as the major components for oscillations and feedback to the oscillator valve. High Frequency anode choke is used to block high frequency transfer from oscillator section to rectifier section. Anti-Parasitic oscillation assembly is used in R-L circuit for protections against parasitic oscillations. Grid biasing resistor assembly is the resistance bank that controls the grid voltage for matching the parameters.
  3. Heat Exchanger: – The heat exchanger in vacuum tube type high frequency induction welder uses distilled water for cooling the whole unit and the same water supply is circulated through the whole unit. The pump used in high quality industrial grade nonferrous pump. The water is stored in a tank and pumped through a stainless steel plate type heat exchanger into the vacuum tube type high frequency induction welder. The plates of heat exchanger are made of stainless steel grade SS316. The whole unit is mounted on structural steel fabricated unit. The heat exchanger unit is the latest technology and very highly efficient. Distilled water flows in alternated plates and in other plate raw soft water is circulated. The heat of distilled water is transferred to the raw water. Raw water is cooled by induced draft type cooling tower.
  4. Control Desk: – The Control Desk provides various interface to the operator to control the power of vacuum tube type high frequency induction welder. The operation push button and power control pots are installed on the desk. Digital LCD Screen is provided to observe the running parameters as well as fault/ healthy state of vacuum tube type high frequency induction welder. Push button controls for speed control of tube mill is also installed on the desk. Indicating lights and meters for parameters are also installed on desk for observation while running the tube mill. Emergency push button is also provided with interlocks as required.


                Welder Model           Output Power            Electricity Efficiency
60 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
100 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
150 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
200 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
250 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
300 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
400 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
500 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
600 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
700 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
800 KW
≥  50 to 60 %
1000 KW
≥  50 to 60 %

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